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Hospitality Management

Also known as Property Management System, is a comprehensive tool enveloping the Reservation Process, Guest Registration, Accounts, Check-In/Check-Out, Discounts, Allowances, and the Audits.

PMS facilitates Interfacing, Electronic Sharing of data from Front Office, Food &Beverages, Monitoring/Maintenance of Energy Systems (Heating and Cooling) and Security Control for both Patrons and Employees.

Our PMS includes Energy Management (EMS), Material Management (MMS), Point of Sale (POS), Human Resource Information (HRIS), Accounting, Call Accounting (CAS) and Management Information (MIS).

Our cloud based hotel management system does not require any local server installation and administration. The software is on a private cloud, which can be accessed using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

The cloud’s modern architecture also allows the system to be more agile in adapting to newer business demands. PMS would help small medium hotels to compete with the larger ones by improving upon its operational efficiencies, 24/7 accessibility and reduced costs & resources by using IoT products in energy, water and entertainment.

Hospitality Management

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