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ACS Technologies Ltd

Learning & Management

Our mission is to empower institutions and impart education in an open platform focused on professional development and future employment. Training workforce spread across geographical locations pose a formidable challenge in coordinating, tracking, maintaining a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience for every individual. Hence e-learning or LMS gained traction over the years and we intend to transform the learning experience by providing viable solutions.

LMS is a software application for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting of training programs, classrooms and online events, e-learning programs and training content. Traditional LMS, with its rigid static architecture, was primarily employed for the efficient distribution of learning content with little or no flexibility offered to instructors and end users, reducing its value and limiting its adaptation in any organization

Our robust LMS can support dynamic learning experience through collaboration and knowledge sharing. It includes various features such as Learning On-The-Go through Mobile Learning, SaaS and Administrative Features which consist of Identify and Role Creation, Learning Path Management and variuos other pivotal features

Learning and Management

  • Integrated Platform connecting students and teachers in online learning experience.

  •  Collaboration tools – Chat, Notice Board .

  •  Rich Interactive Customizable Course Content.

  •  e-Library

  •  Online Assignments and Assessments.

  •  Cloud based platform can support over 10,000 concurrent users

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