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ACS Technologies Ltd

Smart Analytics

Athena Smart Analytics System is conceived to integrate multiple Smart Sensor Technologies of Industry Partners providing Visualization, Analytics, Decision Support highly helpful for Citizens, Operations and Maintenance Teams of City Corporations.

Athena provides integrated Smart Transport, Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Surveillance, Smart Emergency Response, Information Services, Intelligent Advertising and Home Automation with Data Mining.

A large scale implementation of Athena can cover a City, but the solution scales upwards from individual homes to Condominiums/Apartments, Campuses to small townships and upwards to a whole City. It can be implemented at any level for the Consumers/End Users and the Service Providers

Smart Analytics

  • Athena Smart Analytics – Because You Are Smart!

  • Smart Transport – Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

  • Smart Energy – GSM/GPRS Street Lighting and Energy Meters.

  • Smart Water – GSM/GPRS Water Meters, Integrated Billing, Demand Forecasts.

  • Smart Surveillance – Home/Public CCTV Surveillance and Control Centres.

  • Smart Emergency Response – Integrated platform for Medical, Police and Fire emergency management.

  • Smart Information Services – One stop information tool for entire city’s government and private utilities and services

  • Intelligent Advertising – Demography and user profile based smart ad feeds

  • Home Automation – Monitor and Control all energy and security systems and applicances remotely using mobile/web app

  • Smart HelpDesk – Platform for Public and Utility Provider collaboration for efficient and transparent complaints management

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